Stop wasting 20% of your time reiventing existing content!

Introducing the first knowledge management solution for consultants using SharePoint.

Knowledge library organized by document type
The spinning wheel of knowledge

Leverage your consulting firm's knowledge, for real this time

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Reuse existing content

Access all your content within PowerPoint or in any browser

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Knowledge wheel, collect part

Collect and organize

Upload content to SharePoint in a few clicks

Organize your content with manual and automatic tags

A consultant looking at a long-term goal

Knowledge management is key for long-term success

A clock ringing

Claim back time

Consultants waste 20% of their time reinventing existing content

Manual full of best practices

Increase quality

Reinventing the wheel can be very detrimental to the quality of service

Young consultant wanting to grow

Help younger consultants grow

Most of them join the industry to explore and learn

Meet their aspirations

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