Enabling consultants to build on collective knowledge

Why we're here?

Consultants don't have the right tools

At its core, consulting serves a noble purpose: leveraging accumulated knowledge to help companies overcome challenges and thrive.  

However truely leveraging the accumulated knowledge of the consultancy often feels like a pipe dream, in particular for younger colleagues. In practice, reinventing the wheel is way too often the go-to strategy when information is buried in so many different minds. This can lead either to deliverables of lesser quality and imposter syndrom, or unsustainably long hours. 

We believe the issue is about collecting, organizing and reusing knowledge. It's all about information. So it can be solved with Information Technology (sprinkled with slightly smarter processes). Enabling consultants to build on collective knowledge is our mission.

Our key beliefs

We make the lives of consultants easier

User-centricitySimplicity. SpeedAutomation.

It's not only about making consultants more productive, it's about making their lives easier, saving them time and mental load.

Meet the founders

Pierre Boileau

Co-founder and CEO

Quentin Wetzel

Co-founder and CTO

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Incubateur Telecom Paris
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